2016 Bamboo Sea National Day event
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With the advent of the National Day golden week, Bamboo Sea ushered in the peak travel, to create a good show atmosphere, improving visitors interactive participation, during the period of October 1st - 6, Bamboo Sea scenic area launched the "Bamboo Sea tour and play games to win prizes online promotion activities.

"Bamboo Sea tour and play games to win prizes activities mainly in the online promotion, to participate in the lottery game by scanning the Bamboo Sea WeChat official public number. After the statistics, WeChat home page: 3099 passengers, the number of participants: 999 people, the number of winners: 892 people, the number of lottery: 368 (U disk 90, burning 100, 178), perfume share number: 384.

Micro-blog with micro-blog # live topic to Bamboo Sea # general view was 118 thousand times, 161 times to participate in the discussion.

This year, online promotion in the way of thinking has a greater breakthrough, micro-blog interactive is also very active during the holiday season to provide real-time broadcast scenic area to understand the real situation of the platform, allowing visitors to travel better

CC: municipal government office, municipal SASAC, Zhuhai administration, leadership of the company

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