2016 Bamboo Sea music beer summer festival" Grand opening
Release time:2016-08-20    information sources:The Shunan Bamboo Sea    Browsing times:558

Guided by the city of Yibin Bamboo Sea Scenic Area Management Bureau, organized by the Yibin Bamboo Sea Tourism Development Co., the 2016 Bamboo Sea music festival grand opening summer beer "in Bamboo Sea on the evening of August 20th. The colorful waterfall

With the Red Band Rainbow Band warm market opening, surging crowd at the scene, the atmosphere was very active. The beer festival music singing and dancing at the scene, the European Star Band NO.5 sing live, high Yan value bassist cool deduction, bass Dancer sexy witch cool choreography, rock singer close and audience interaction, the problem of youth Band a few classic song blew the audience!

In the event of music and beer under the catalytic heat wave higher than the wave. Drink beer in the link, all men, women are equal to men, enjoying different dripping and carefree! All fusion into a world of happiness!

The beer festival is the largest, the largest number of the most extensive publicity, achievement of a music best big lie. The Bamboo Sea Denon beer festival activities for the summer tourists to Bamboo Sea not only enjoy the natural gift of beauty, and further enrich the scenic entertainment. Visitors friends in Bamboo Sea experience more joy, more passionate, more personalized beer feast, very good to improve the participation of tourists, the tourists are formed between the good word of mouth. The scene of tourists through the WeChat scan, WeChat, micro-blog, the circle of friends, greatly enhancing the scenic Bamboo Sea network exposure heat, enhance the scenic spot in the tourism marketPopularity.