2016 Bamboo Sea Fairy Competition
Release time:2016-06-12    information sources:The Shunan Bamboo Sea    Browsing times:418

June 9, 2016 to 11, the 2016 "Bamboo Sea Fairy" and the Bamboo Sea marketing Ambassador Finals held in Bamboo Sea scenic area. 16 contestants from four national division finals of the final finals competition.

The Sichuan Yibin Bamboo Sea Tourism Development Co., Ltd. chairman Zhou Wenwu, the organizer of the Sichuan flagship marketing planning limited company chairman Liao Laiqing, and media from around the world, photography Master attended the event.

Previously, the Bamboo Sea scenic area has been through the online registration, audition, division selection from more than 500 layers of selection, the application of the players decide 16 finals players.

The final from Chengdu division and Xi'an division Yuan Ting, Li Jiayu, Zhao Xuesan Scarlett respectively won the championship talent shows itself, Takemi Senko and Bamboo Sea marketing Ambassador finals, runner up and second runner up three awards trophy.

"The lady of Marie, and in the valley. The cold thin green sleeves, leaning against the sunset Xiuzhu." the 9 day and 10 day two days, in the boundless expanse of the beautiful scenery of lakes, clothes of Zhuhai fairies for many tourists has brought the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese clothing and retro style show, slender, graceful if you long.10 PM, the final performance of the talent competition held in the colorful waterfall square in Zhuhai, you also fairies for visitors to bring a wonderful performance.

Coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival, the Xian dumplings look fairy Wonderland "and a series of activities and performances show, attracted more visitors and media attention.

2016 "Takemi Senko" and Bamboo Sea marketing Ambassador selection carried out by means of active participation and promotion of all beautiful players and members of the media friends, to further promote the Bamboo Sea scenic area tourism image and landscape resources, let more friends know the taste of Bamboo Sea, Bamboo Sea, feel the unique charm of Bamboo Sea, natural beauty, humanity the beauty and ecological beauty, so as to improve the participation of tourists and interactive experience.