Nanchong fruit city self driving to Shunan Bamboo Sea
Release time:2015-07-25    information sources:The Shunan Bamboo Sea    Browsing times:644

July 25, 2015, Shuba bamboo sea ushered in by the Nanchong fruit city from driving Che Youhui team. Self-driving team at 7:30 am Nanchong departure, arrived at 13 noon to the south gate of Shu Nanzhu scenic area.

 Accompanied by the bamboo in the south of Shannan, we visited the Museum of bamboo south of the sea, emerald promenade, forgetting Valley, colorful waterfalls and other attractions. Through the tour guide colorful explanation, so that visitors really appreciate the beauty of the bamboo sea and behind the unique ecological culture, but also full of ancient wisdom of the working people's feelings of admiration and the unique beauty of Shu Nan Zhuohai praise .

"Nanchong fruit city car Friends organized a total of 58 tourists from Nanchong came to visit the scenic spots in southern Sichuan bamboo tour.

Through the activities carried out, so that more friends get into the bamboo sea to understand the opportunity of the bamboo sea, the relevant departments of the warm and thoughtful service to tourists on the bamboo Nanhai scenic initiation of a strong sense of belonging, to the visitors left a profound Impression, while in the tourist circle formed a good word of mouth publicity, to further enhance the image and visibility Shu Nan bamboo sea area has a positive positive role in promoting.