Bamboo Sea
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The 2015 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival will be held from August 22nd to August 28th in the first Yangtze River City of Sichuan was held in Yibin, the Cultural Tourism Festival "China beautiful landscape of Yibin" as the theme of Bamboo Sea. As one of the Cultural Tour Festival product lines, with the actual area advocate tourism civilization, increase in 2013 to set up the "lettering forest" the scenic spots, tourist guide civilized road with practical action.

In 2013 the "tour" carved into the Egyptian temple, which possessed the Millennium sculpture. The domestic media uproar occasion, specially launched for scenic lettering on the bamboo forest, the sparse generations blocking, national AAAA level scenic area of Bamboo Sea "lettering of the forest" has become a new bright spot in.2015 in August 6th, CCTV reporter made a special trip to the scenic spot shooting increase advocate civilization tourism promotion, Yibin City, Bamboo Sea Scenic Area Management Bureau deputy director Wang Yi said in an interview: as much as possible in order to meet the needs of tourists, has been in the area of Xian Yu Tong Road on both sides of the main entrance, next to Xian Yu Tong (parking lot is to Xian Yu Tianbao cave and village attractionsThe only way to divide the exclusive lettering forest, respectively) was added a couple of lettering lettering family forest, forest, forest tourism friend lettering, lettering and memorial memorial forest forest profile sign, since 2013 "lettering forest" since its establishment, there are thousands of tourists on the occasion for bamboo carved words on average each year, and other scenic spots most of the bamboo remains intact, better guide tourists scrabble behavior, in order to prevent tourists scrabble, good guide tourists to the "tour" of traditional psychology, enhance the consciousness of cultural tourism.

Bamboo Sea is the focus area of the world's largest natural bamboo forest area, we hope that this piece of bamboo can be a wild profusion of vegetation. We advocate tourism civilization, we advocate the development of things bit by bit from the start, let our behavior beneficial to the ecological environment, build a green fashion to embrace green living! Let life and let the green hug! Human and ecological coexistence!