2015 Chongqing traffic radio, run the self driving team
Release time:2015-08-22    information sources:The Shunan Bamboo Sea    Browsing times:506

By July 25, 2015, Chongqing traffic radio and "run" self driving club "Qingfei tour Bamboo Sea driving activities, starting from the main city of Chongqing, arrived at Bamboo Sea scenic area. The Bamboo Sea of Chongqing self driving tour from Chongqing to the activities of a total of 23 self driving cars, a total of 69 people, and invited Chongqing Chongqing net travel channel, Chongqing traffic radio, network media tracking reports.

The tourists in the lead and enthusiastic guide, visited Zhuhai Museum, jadeite Gallery, lotus Valley, Xian Yu Tong and other attractions, and participated in the summer party in the colorful Waterfall Scenic large parking lot, to green the self driving tour has a high evaluation, said go back to more beautiful friend Bamboo Sea.

The Chongqing Zhuhai self driving activities, aims to make Bamboo Sea scenic brand maintain and expand in the Chongqing area, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the Bamboo Sea for more of the people of Chongqing, into the Bamboo Sea platform to further expand the Bamboo Sea in the Chongqing market reputation and visibility.