Sichuan Shunan Bamboo Sea Travel Guide
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Shunan Bamboo Sea is located in Yibin City, Sichuan , about 60 km from the urban area of Yibin. There are 58 kinds of bamboo in the scenic spot, more than 70,000 Chinese acres. It is the largest original "Green Bamboo Park" in China, which is the largest collection of landscapes, caves, lakes and waterfalls and has a long history of human landscape.

 The entire bamboo into "the" shape, something wide, narrow north and south. Mountain is a typical Danxia landform, forest streams aspect, waterfalls hanging, such as a mirror lake, clear spring Gan Lie, fresh air, the people into a mysterious world. Vegetation coverage rate of 87% for China's high content of negative air ions of natural oxygen bar.

 Shuannan Bamboo Sea is one of the country's top 4A scenic spots, "China National Scenic Area", "Top 40 Chinese Tourist Destinations", "China Biosphere Reserve" and "China National Geography". one.

There are 124 scenic spots in the Bamboo Sea Scenic Area of Shunan. The whole scenic area is about 13 km from east to west and 6 km from north to south. Among them, there are 15 scenic spots and 19 second-class attractions. The famous scenic spots include Xiong, Xian, Jun, Xiu, , Xian Yu hole, Dragon Lake, colorful waterfalls, the ancient battlefield, concept Yunting, jade promenade, Camellia Hill, Huaxi thirteen bridges and other landscape known as the "top ten bamboo."