Chongqing to Shunan Bamboo Sea self riding Raiders
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Chongqing out of Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed to Jiangjin Department to enter the G93 high-speed direction to the Luzhou Yibin, do remember Jiangan exports (Shu Nan Bamboo East exports) do not under high-speed, go more than 10 kilometers in the next long station South of the sea under the sea), this is the south gate of Shu Nan Zhuohai, the right direction under the high-speed export to Changning, remember not to enter the county, along the signs directly to the door of Shu Nanzhuhai. For your safety and family and friends, Changning to the string of bamboo road in the south of Shuannan, black tour guide along the road do not pay Dali. The whole 300 km or so, with 3 and a half hours of appearance.

A lot of the first time to Shu Nan Bamboo Sea travel friends do not know very much about the Bamboo Sea in the south, the following bamboo sea Chen for the visitors to detail the food, live, travel, travel some of the Raiders, Help, and I also opened in the area which is the hotel and farm music, and hope to get your visit.

General guests are starting early in the morning, arrived at the door of Shu Nan bamboo sea.

1: 12.30 noon

Arrival at the Shu Nan West Gate tickets into the scenic area (in advance contact Chen tickets have discounts)

2: into the bamboo 13.00 to find a hotel in the south with lunch, the general choice of bamboo sea museum next to the world Cuisine restaurant, close to the attractions from the past.

3: 2 pm drive to the Gravity Valley, car parked in the Gravity Valley parking area, this attraction is the symbolic attractions of bamboo, mainly bamboo, streams, waterfalls. Play time 1 hour, 3 o'clock drive to reach the Bamboo Museum, bamboo culture, bamboo history and some bamboo products.

4: 3.30 pm, the Bamboo Museum departure, arrived in Zhuhai sea tour cableway, car stop cable car park. Panoramic view of bamboo sea, panoramic view of thousands of bamboo, 4:00 to reach the bamboo sea cableway, watching the emerald promenade, the sea floor, the surface of bamboo and other attractions.

5: 5.30 pm the next cableway, next to the museum to find a good accommodation, 6.30 pm with dinner, the only meal to the only town of bamboo, small town shopping, buy some bamboo native products (good luck will catch up with the Zhuhai Tourism Some of the activities of the Office of what).

6: the first two days to see the sunrise early in the morning, 6:00 in the morning, 6.30 minutes to watch the concept of Yunting to watch the sunrise (live near the museum from the concept of sunrise near the place)

7: 8.30 am departure to the Bamboo Jiulongshan Shannan to understand the history and culture of the bamboo sea. 8: 10.00 Departure to Xian Yu hole, Tianbao Village, the main cliff, plank road, sculpture-based, is one of the landmarks of the sea.

9: 11.30 minutes to play the sea (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon shooting), zoned bamboo raft.

10: noon 1:00 for lunch, meal after leaving Shu Nanzhuhai, Shunan Bamboo two day tour ended.

Bamboo sea self-tour guests, you can choose to go to the entrance gate of the Zhuhai chartered to play, after all, a very wide bamboo, walking is very difficult to achieve, (time, walking is also OK). Chartered generally ranging from 200-500 yuan.