Shunan Bamboo Sea - Cloud Travel (2 day tour)
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Departure: Chengdu.

Location: Bamboo Sea

Time: July 19-20, 2014

Attractions: Emerald promenade, the concept of sea floor, Dragons Temple, Tianbao Village, Immortal Fairy Cave, Colorful waterfalls, ink stream, Bamboo Museum.

                   Because the line of people, we give up the sea, the fairy lake did not go, because a lot of Raiders said it is not worth to go, in fact, think of it should still go and see.

Consumption: 6 people, per capita 500 yuan \ 2 days. (Children not to 1 m 2, free of charge) can be reduced in the catering expenses.

Story: We have a total of 6 people, 1 children began to travel, 30 years of age 2, the team to aunt level. At first we all want to with the group, but because with the group fast, not enough fun to play, so I temporarily on a variety of forums, all kinds of paste it to check the information, and finally made Zhang with the group chart and chart comparison to convince the surrounding Of the aunt, contrast or decided to chartered. Yibin local daily mission, Shu Nan bamboo sea day tour: 352 yuan.

Very destined to know the chartered master surnamed Zhang, very enthusiastic, the car is also good, is a commercial vehicle. We Banyu Banyu day tour costs 800 yuan package full, if it is a day trip is 500 yuan. Including our Yibin station to pick up passengers, and then directly to the bamboo sea area 2 days to accompany play, and finally send us back to the cost of Yibin, chartered or multi-point cost-effective. Master phone to you as a consultation: 13309090897 [per capita fare: 130 yuan]

We 19 from the Chengdu Railway Station next to the North Bus Terminal, 10 points to buy Chengdu Yibin to the bus. Fare: 97 yuan \ people, children half price. 【Per capita fare: 97 yuan】

At 14:00 on the 19th to the Yibin West Terminal, approaching the station when the contact master, the master also received us on time. Master drive about the next city of Yibin, and finally asked us to eat in the urban areas do not eat lunch, because to the area, and everything to your point. Finally took us to a fruit and vegetable market, we bought plums, watermelon, grapes and bananas. 【Cost per person: $ 30】

Baili through the ecological tunnel, be considered into the bamboo sea, and soon to the West Gate of Zhuhai area, get off to buy tickets, 110 yuan tickets. If the car would also like to buy a car ticket, I forgot the price. 【Tickets per person: 110 yuan】

         Before the arrival of good contact farm music, the results of our three houses are not arranged together, there are two small three-tier in the cover, his teammates some unhappy, would like to replace the place. Driver Master to help us to contact another farmhouse music, driving with us to see, team-mate satisfaction, finalized the home. We are because the day is the weekend, so we live between the standard 120 yuan / day.

Later, that usually Sunday to Thursday, housing ample, and cheap, weekend prices will be relatively high dozens of dollars. But also in the accommodation there is another charge: per person per day for three meals a day pipe stay 100 (for a more cost-effective to play alone), the week can also be cheaper. 【Accommodation per person: 60 yuan】

We packed up the luggage in the farm, a table bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo shoots, bacon ... ... we can usually eat dry, but in the bamboo sea can enjoy fresh, good taste. A total of 7 dishes 1 soup, taste good, a total of 380 yuan. [Dinner per capita: 63 yuan, excluding children]

        After dinner, the master said that we can take us to 2 spots: first stop, Jade promenade; after dinner, very few spots, very quiet! Second Station: view of the sea floor; standing on the highest point of the sea to see the sunset sunset, really beautiful! 1 hour you simply play the 2 places. Master drove us back to the farm music, it is recommended that we start the first 2 days 7:30, less time to catch people look more beautiful. At night it began to rain!

        July 20 morning to eat breakfast, farm music standard 10 yuan per person. Porridge, boiled eggs, cold dishes, steamed corn steamed characteristics, the tube full of food. This is voluntary, you can not eat. 【Breakfast per capita: 10 yuan】 7:00 in the morning starting, the sun is not out, the fog shrouded, the master recommended when the sun came out and then take a cable car to see the whole bamboo panoramic view, so the third station is the Dragons Temple, Good place. Sea of clouds is slow to return, surrounded by white clouds are the same, free floating in the air, can be considered a kind of experience it.

        The next is the whole of the Zhuhai a relatively large attractions: Tianbao Village, Xian Yu hole, the two basic scenic spots around the two hours. In this cloudy day, I can only say that only the sea of clouds and bamboo, but bamboo won the line of sight. If it is sunny, in a sunny day, dazzling light will break through the layers of foliage, like a small fish to break the nets as a dump and vent, so mottled everywhere, the bamboo can only into a mass of black silhouette , Will have a sense of the screen.

Sixth Station: Colorful waterfall, but unfortunately not cloudy fog the main day, then feel the waterfall is very common, but bamboo set off the cliff hanging, the scenery can be considered good, whether it is and waterfall photo or water, Or from under the waterfall through, are very pleasant things. There are only charges for the service, ferry costs, 5 yuan per person. Ferry per capita: 5 yuan

Finish more than 12 o'clock, we take the car back to the farm happy to eat lunch, the results of traffic jams on the road, the master off and passers-by control. Lunch, we ordered a few home cooking, vegetarian fried spinach, boiled meat, green fried bamboo shoots ... ... a total of 5 dishes 1 soup, 150 yuan. 【Lunch per capita: 25 yuan】

       After eating, the master continued to take us out to play, ready to go cable car, due to the peak, we gave up. Now think of it a little regret it. Seventh Station: Gravity Valley. Listen to the name is still very poetic, commercial atmosphere thick, but still beautiful bamboo!

       Eighth Station: Ink stream. Is also a place I most want to go, this place is similar to the original forest, because the road from six kilometers, so the tour will not take tourists, so few tourists. Master in order to allow us to visit not so tired, drove us directly to the highest point of ink Creek, we walk to the foot of the mountain, the car in the gate. However, some sections of ink Creek is very slippery, or pay attention to safety. It is recommended to everyone Oh!

        The last stop, the ninth station: Bamboo Museum. Here is the introduction and characteristics of bamboo show, it was said pit father, in fact, is still very content, the driver master of the current tour guide, told us a lot. Play to 18:30 or so, the whole trip to the end of the bamboo. Master drove us back to the Yibin urban areas, we do not know where to live, the master recommended to us 2, driving with us to see the environment, and finally selected a. Finally, stay in Yibin, and gave us about what is delicious around the Yibin noodles, stir-fried rice, hot pot, barbecue, he is often recommended after eating.

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