The World-class Green Land

The Shunan Bamboo Sea, a world-class green land, is located in Yibin City, southwestern Sichuan. The average altitude of it is 600 to 1000 meters. Temperature is generally not less than 0 ℃, and the maximum of that does not exceed 30 ℃, where it’s warm in winter and cool in summer, what a pleasant climate. It covers an area of 120 square kilometers, while the core scenic area of it is 44 square kilometers. There are 8 main scenic spots, and 2 scenic spots in the sequence of 134 spots. There are 27 majestic mountains, more than 500 peaks and ridges, a total of more than 400 species of bamboo in the scenic spot, area of which is more than 13 acres, where phyllostachys pubescens intersect closely with each, presenting a coverage of green and very spectacular scene. The Shunan Bamboo Sea is the world's largest natural bamboo forest area, which created a wonderland of mountain in the cloud and the sea of bamboo thanks to its unique geographical location. The Shunan Bamboo Sea is the world's rare and China's only bamboo culture, and bamboo ecological leisure vacation travel destination with a integration of  bamboo scenery, landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, temple as well as human landscape with a long history. The coverage rate of vegetation in the Shunan Bamboo Sea has reached 92.8%, where there is eyeful of green, and fresh air, and it’s a natural green oxygen bar.

With its own unique natural resources and high-quality tourism services, the Shunan Bamboo Sea has been successively named the China's National Scenic Area, first batch of National 4A Class Tourist Area,China 's 40 Best Tourist Destination,World 'Green Globe 21' Certified Scenic Spot,The China's Top Ten Most Characteristic China's  Scenic Spots,The China's Top Ten Most Popular Scenic Spots,China's Top Ten Landmark Scenic Spot,and China 's Top Ten Most Beautiful Forests. Besides, it won Sichuan's Most Beautiful Scenic Spots-Panda Award and the First Most Competitive Brand of China 's Green Low - Carbon Tourism awarding in 2011.


He explores nirvana, write Poetry and make painting during the day; invite villain to drink wine, taste tea, play the chess and compare martial arts at night.Not knowing how long it has passed, not seeing the return for long annoys the Jade Emperor, then the Jade Emperor sent Aeolus and Thor to let Wenquxing go back.

The two got to the bamboo sea with thunder and wind roaring, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. Wenquxing hurriedly put chess pieces together and goes back to heaven with Aeolus and Thor, inadvertently spilling the ink used for poetry and painting into the stream.The next day the villagers come to him for sake of talking about the past and today and they find the cottage, and stone table are no longer there. Only through the ink color stream and several cheese pieces scattered next to the stream that already turn into stone can we recognize the flavor the Wenquxing left. Later, a great poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, visits the bamboo sea and attracted by this legend, even writing down Ink Stream on the stone near the stone. Now there are still Chessboard stone and scriptures drying stone near Ink stream. And it’s also said that the Stone Broken Shaking in Lost in Valley is split by Thor.

  • Climate of Yibin
    Climate of Yibin

    Yibin mild and humid climate, fertile soil, animal and plant resources are very rich, is the same latitude agricultural resources supporting the best conditions. Has been called the "Southern Sichuan Sanjue" National Scenic Area "Bamboo Sea", the provincial scenic area "karst cave", the national key cultural relics protection units in Gongxian - cliff, and the national key cultural relics protection units Jiang Xi Jia mountains of southern folk museum, Zhengwushan Taoist temple group and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty.

  • Climate in the Shunan Bamboo Sea
    Climate in the Shunan Bamboo Sea

    Bamboo Sea average altitude of 600 meters to about 1000 meters, the annual average temperature of 15.5 degrees celsius. In winter rarely below 0 degrees Celsius, the summer does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, frost free period of 345 days. East warm summer is cool, very pleasant, forest streams, waterfalls hanging lake as a mirror, clear spring water, sweet, fresh air, pleasant fragrance, Qujingtongyou, into a world of mystery.


  • Climate all year round in the Shunan Bamboo Sea
    Climate all year round in the Shunan Bamboo Sea

    Seasonal scenery different Bamboo Sea are different, the spring, the new shoots drilled everywhere, green branches covered with lush stretch. Summer, tender bamboo and green lined Biri, waterfall fountain, climate and cool people. Autumn, bamboo bamboos swaying in the wind, such as Dai, bamboo forest, little red. Winter, Ling, quiet, withered forest and dry rivers, light snow, side by side. When the wind blows, Ariel lift the sky. When the wind stops, and gentle, very deep, streams, waterfalls, deep pools are hidden in the shade; stones, as Cuilang mask in the valley, the Zhuhai mountains and rivers, show your charming best show. A sunny day is flashing green, blue sea, The sky is clear and bright., Yao jin. Rain cloud, fog wrapped around, Mingming Mengmeng, shadows whirling, such as ink painting.