The State Safety Production Emergency Command Center think higly of the scenic area of Shunan Bamboo Sea
Release time:2016-12-15    information sources:The Shunan Bamboo Sea    Browsing times:728

China Network July 30      Reporters learned from the relevant departments in Sichuan, a few days ago, the State Production Safety Emergency Command Center, deputy director of He Liguang and his party to the Sichuan Shuannan Bamboo Sea area, the scenic forest fire safety work to check. Inspection team and his party watched the bamboo forest fire prevention propaganda board, check the bamboo forest scenic fire prevention fire.

Inspection team on the bamboo forest scenic spots in the work of forest fire to affirmed the work, emphasizing the importance of forest fire prevention work, the requirements must be to protect the natural bamboo tourism in this piece of bamboo, this forest firefighters to strengthen professional knowledge Learning and professional skills training, to carry forward the special ability to endure hardship, in particular the spirit of fighting, the key time to pull out, to fight the war, win the war to ensure that the resources and the vast majority of people's lives and property safety. (Wu Ting You Zi Xuan Wang Yueting correspondent Zhao butterfly)