• Emerald Promenade
    Emerald Promenade is located in the depths of bamboo forest. The pavement of it is made by local nat...
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  • Fairy Lake
    Fairy Lake is one of the famous scenic spots in the Bamboo Sea. It is located on the top of the Immo...
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  • colorful waterfall
    Colorful waterfall. Also known as the Lost soul sets. Jiang Anxian contains: Wanling Qing South-Nort...
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  • Bamboo in the Middle of Water
    Located in the emerald promenade to fairy cave hole on the left side of the road area,Immortal Fairy...
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  • Bamboo Sea museum
    Bamboo Museum has a collection of bamboo collection, protection, exhibition, academic research and s...
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  • Red dragon lake
    Covers an area of 3.06 square kilometers, with large surface and historical sites. Green Dragon Lake...
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  • View of the Cloud
    Also known as sedan chair stone. Kiosk in the impressive South Sichuan shallow hill. You can go sigh...
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