Functional Responsibilities
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1, Responsible for the drafting of all kinds of documents, submission, communication, reminders and inspection;

2, Responsible for the drafting of the whole company throughout the year or phased work plans, sum up;

3, Responsible for drafting, issuing, receiving, registering, circulating, arranging and keeping the administrative documents such as administration, party affairs and trade union;

4, Responsible for the organization, arrangement, meeting arrangement, meeting record, archiving and logistical work;

5, Responsible for the construction of various administrative rules and regulations of the company and regularly supervise the implementation of inspection system;

6, Responsible for the management of the company 's administrative seal, issued by the party, such as executive letters;

7, Responsible for corporate culture, corporate culture and publicity to strengthen the organization and implementation of cultural activities, and effectively improve the competitiveness of the company;

8, Responsible for office supplies purchase, purchase, distribution, custody and other work, is responsible for the management of fixed assets registration;

9, Responsible for the higher authorities and relevant departments of the reception guests and other logistics arrangements;

10. Responsible for logistics management, receiving and dispatching of newspapers and letters, management of environmental sanitation, water and electricity payment, staff meal management and other logistical work;

11, Responsible for the company 's license for the annual examination and so on;

12, To complete other tasks assigned by the company leaders.

Human Resources Department:

1, According to the company's development strategy, to develop human resources planning;

2, The formulation of company organizations and their functions, approved the establishment of various departments, positions, personnel and their duties;

3, the establishment of corporate performance appraisal system, and organize the implementation;

4, The establishment of a reasonable corporate compensation system;

5, The preparation of the company's annual, monthly training plan, and supervise the implementation;

6, To develop the company's human resources recruitment plan, and organize the implementation;

7, The establishment of internal and external channels of communication and public relations, coordinate the handling of labor disputes, the establishment of harmonious labor relations;

8, Presided over the recruitment of human resources, appointment and removal, transfer, promotion, dismissal;

9, The establishment of the company's talent pool, do a good job of internal staff career planning;

10, Responsible for human resources information statistics, analysis, summary, timely report to the relevant departments;

11, Supervision and guidance of the sub - branch to regulate human resources management;

12, Responsible for the company's pension insurance, labor contracts, employee files of standardized management;

13, Establish and improve the company's human resources management system, and promote the implementation;

14, Timely completion of other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Planning and Finance Department:

1. In strict accordance with the state, the company's financial management system for financial management, accounting work;

2, To participate in the formulation of the company's financial system and the corresponding implementation details;

3, To assist the relevant departments to do a good job in planning management, responsible for financial pre -, final accounts and audit work;

4, Responsible for all types of financial data required for the compilation of the report;

5, Responsible for the financial work of the external and government departments, such as the Inland Revenue Department, Finance Bureau, banks, accounting firms, liaison and communication;

6, In Strict accordance with the capital management system to strengthen fund management to ensure the safety of funds;

7, Do a good job of corporate tax management, planning work;

8, Do a good job financing, ease the financial pressure to reduce financial costs;

9, To participate in planning the production and operation plan and the development of economic responsibility system;

10, Do a good job marketing cost analysis, to help do a good job in marketing;

11, In strict accordance with accounting standards do a good job reimbursement, accounting treatment and issue various types of bills.

Supervision Department:

1. Responsible for the development of audit plans and audit standards to determine the audit principles;

2.Conduct daily audits and audit and supervise the whole process of financial management, operation, procurement, management and system of the Company's headquarters and sub-branches, custody companies;

3. To supervise and audit the contracts, prices, market conditions and business processes of the Company's major advertising business;

4. To organize and cooperate with relevant departments in auditing major investment projects, auditing, negotiation, revision and filing of major contracts of the Company's headquarters and all subsidiaries, subsidiaries and custodian companies;

5. The company's important positions or key personnel of the post, leave the audit;

6. Involved in the tender work, with the relevant departments to prepare tender documents, participate in evaluation, calibration; preparation of the supervision report;

7. To be responsible for the work of the board of supervisors and to organize the board of supervisors;

8. Other audit-related work; do discipline inspection, supervisory board-related work;

9. To complete the temporary work assigned by the parent department and the company.

Cooperation and Development Department:

  1. Responsible for formulating the annual investment and development plan of the Company, responsible for the planning, operation and management of the investment and divestment of the Company's headquarters and its subsidiaries, drafting the investment management system of the Company;

2. To select investment cooperation projects and establish investment projects, and organize the preliminary inspection, demonstration, evaluation, planning and organization of the investment cooperation projects;

 3, responsible for capital attraction, capital operation, foreign cooperation, liaison and negotiation; with the planning and finance department to do the financing work;

  4. Responsible for negotiation, contracting and follow - up of contract implementation and implementation;

  5, responsible for the child, the branch of the preparation, set up work;

  6, the company's business units on a regular basis for the analysis of business activities, is responsible for the management of investment projects, and major issues in the business process of tracking and analysis of timely research, issued by the solution;

  7, to collect, collate and analyze the company's business and development-related policies, trends, trends, etc., for the company's decision-making to provide information support;

  8, the company's business management strategy for compliance analysis, the future direction of business and make reasonable adjustments to the strategic recommendations;

  9, responsible for the company's comprehensive statistical work, timely completion of the higher authorities and government departments to complete the report;

  10, on time to complete the other tasks assigned by the company leadership.

Brand Communication Marketing Branch of Yibin Shunan Bamboo Sea Tourism Development Co., Ltd:

1, Responsible for the brand communication, marketing promotion, in order to enhance the scenic image and visibility, reputation, credibility.

2, Responsible for the company's advertising business expansion and media management

3, To complete the other companies assigned to other matters

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