Business Scope
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Yibin Shunan Bamboo Sea Tourism Development Co., Ltd:

Shu Nan Bamboo Sea scenic area management, scenic spots development; Shu Nan Bamboo Sea brand communication, marketing; tourism services; scenic spot native products sales.

Yibin Shunan Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot Management Co., Ltd  

Scenic management, attractions development. The above items shall be subject to the approval of the administrative department for industry and commerce.

Brand Communication Marketing Branch of Yibin Shunan Bamboo Sea Tourism Development Co., Ltd:

  Shunan Bamboo Sea brand communication, marketing

Yibin Shunan Bamboo Sea Tourism Transport Co., Ltd.:

 The county chartered passenger transport, the county chartered passenger transport (tourism), inter-county chartered passenger transport, inter-county chartered passenger transport (tourism), inter-city chartered passenger, inter-city chartered passenger (tourism), inter-provincial chartered passenger, inter-provincial chartered passenger ), Car rental, car sales, vehicle maintenance.

Yibin Sihai International Travel Service Co., Ltd:

  Car rental, on behalf of all types of ticketing, hotel (room and board) booking; tourism supporting the project Kaifeng, management; corporate marketing planning. The company is engaged in the development of tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism, tourism information, scenic information, Sales: agricultural and sideline products, arts and crafts, daily necessities, stationery.

Yibin Xing Travel Media Co., Ltd:

  Advertising planning, production, agents, publishing; corporate marketing planning, exhibition services, business services, celebration etiquette services; housing sales agents.

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